Stop the Grind

Stop the Clench

Stop the Gnash

Brux Aware is not your typical mouth guard.

Think of it as a trainer, therapist, and friend ready to support you on your journey towards long-term relief from Bruxism (grinding and clenching your teeth).

We feel your pain

If you’re like most of us who suffer from Bruxism, you simply can’t find a long-term solution to your pain and discomfort.

Bruxism isn’t just damaging your teeth. The forceful pressure on your jaw also leads to body pains such as headaches, jaw pain, facial pain, neck pain, back pain, and other problems.

At Brux Aware, we’re committed to finding a long-term solution for your bruxing habbit so that you can live a pain-free life. Through biofeedback, we believe the body can be trained to stop or significantly reduce unconscious bruxing.

How do I stop bruxing

I want to stop

I don't know I'm doing it

Unleash the Power of Awareness

The unconscious nature of Bruxism makes it very difficult to diagnose and cure. However, through awareness, your body can learn to stop over time.

Brux Aware is a smart mouth guard featuring uses pressure sensors that activate gentle pulses (biofeedback) to relax your jaw when you begin to Brux.

Long-term, Brux Aware will retrain your body to stop or significantly reduce its bruxing habit by activating your subconscious awareness. Our biofeedback method prevents your body from placing the heavy pressure associated with Bruxing on your teeth and jaw. And the short-term benefits of Brux Aware will relieve a lot of the immediate pain you feel after a night or day of bruxing.

Here’s how Brux Aware works:

Wear the Brux Aware device whenever it’s most convenient (day or night).
The sensors will activate when the device senses bruxing.

You’ll feel gentle pulses signaling your muscles to relax.

Over time, your subconscious will be retrained to significantly reduce or stop bruxing.

Visualize Your
Bruxing Activity

With the Brux Aware mobile app, you’ll get daily insights into your Bruxing behavior, helping you understand your own personal triggers.

With our mobile app, you can:

1. See a chart of your bruxing activity throughout the day and night
2. Keep track of how you are feeling in your Daily Diary.

Over time, the Brux Aware mouth guard will become more intelligent as it better understands your behavior, helping to prevent heavy bruxing sessions.

Let’s work together to cure Bruxism

We’re more than a mouth guard and app. We’re a community of people committed to finding a cure for Bruxism.

Your activity not only will help you, but over time, Brux Aware will become smarter as it gains more insights into when we all brux and why we brux.

So if you’re as committed as we are to finding a cure, sign up to be one of our early members!